what is virgin hair?

There is a common misconception spreading around the hair extension industry. Virgin hair means human hair that has never been processed. “Remy” hair is hair that has been altered to maintain a certain look. Hair may be processed to achieve a “Brazilian” or “Malaysian” curl pattern, but beware, because these products are not “virgin” like some claim. The only real virgin human hair that is on the market is that of India, where it is a practice for women to give up their hair.

So what does that mean for you? While the impersonators may be appealing, the remy hair they are selling has already been processed, will be a hassle to maintain, and will quickly become unmanageable. On the other hand, our authentic Virgin hair is a breeze to work with and lasts install after intall, saving you time and money in the long run. Also, since we get our hair directly from the source, there are no ridiculous up charged prices. We have the best price for the best quality!


Got Virgin is a very personalized company. We travel back and forth to India to hand pick & oversee the production of all our hair. We hand pick our supply line based on proper manufacturing techniques of 100% raw human hair. Most of all we select merchandise based on requests from a vast majority of our customer feedback. We document every trip on video so that our customers can see for themselves that their hair is coming directly from India, & also that we take the necessary steps to ensure that our hair extensions are completely virgin with no added fillers or synthetic fibers.

Its time to change the way you are buying your hair. Invest in quality, hand picked hair that will last you your money’s worth!

Watch Our Videos of our travels to India to Learn More