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What's the lifespan of the hair?

Got Virgin hair is actually 100% natural human hair just like the hair growing from your actual head. Therefore our hair will last as long as humanly possible which can be forever. It all depends on how you care for the hair in terms of not over-processing or using harsh chemicals and dyes just like with your natural hair. When you regularly condition and apply nutrients to restore a healthy balance to the hair, we have countless stories of clients who report using the same hair for many years, adding a bundle periodically to maintain fullness or length throughout the years.


Can I color this hair?

Yes. All Got Virgin hair can be dyed by any experienced colorist. Typically we suggest choosing lighter shades when selecting your bundles at the point of sale if the desired color will be of a lighter tone such as blonde, red, blue, etc.. Darker tones can sometimes have greater difficulty when attempting to lift to lighter shades.


Are the prices different depending on length?

At Got Virgin we're known for having one price for various lengths. e.g. all shorter lengths from 12"-16" are all the same price at $100 each, while 18"-24 inches are all $125 each, and 26"-32" are $150 each.


Do I have to pay for shipping and what's the timeframe from order to delivery?

At Got Virgin we offer free priority shipping on all domestic orders in the US which is usually 2-3 days. Express shipping options are available at an additional cost. Most orders will ship within 2 business days of ordering and will usually arrive to the customer within 1 week of placing the order.


What kind of hair is this?

All Got Virgin hair comes directly from India where we have personally traveled to throughout the years, totalling over 30 trips, manufacturing and purchasing directly from the source. 

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